Easy Rider x Nitro Dinghy


We are stoked to present our next seasons co-lab board . . . Now!

While they were not supposed to arrive until fall of 2023, the awesome folks at Nitro got them done early and shipped them out to us early so we can enjoy them this season.

The Dinghy is for riders looking for an oversized surfaced snowboard to navigate tree runs, deep pow days, and wide-open groomers. Designed to be the go-to versatile shortboard in any given situation.

With a bright, surf inspired design the Easy Rider Dinghy will stand out on the SnowSurf Mountain.

The Dinghy offers a fun all-mountain surfy ride to riders looking for a wide board to enhance their turning and edge hold in the pow or on the groomers. The Dinghy is a versatile board, much like the boat, built to do it all in a compact wide directional tapered shape. Even though the Dinghy is built wide, the progressive sidecut keep it quick on its toes and agile from edge to edge – providing a fun surfy ride even in the tightest of trees. The Nitro Quiver Dinghy is for the rider looking for a fun shape, versatile wide size, and ride experience for your snowsurfing sessions!

Limited to only 25 boards world wide, they are sure to sell out fast.

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