Easy Rider Snowboard Demo Day – Dec. 3

We are proud to once again be hosting the only Snowboard Demo Day in Northern Alberta this season. Sunday, December 3, 2023 at Edmonton Ski Club. Demo will run form 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM Demo is Free – but you must purchase a Lift Ticket or have an Edmonton Ski Club Seasons Pass. Please bring your own bindings (just bring your normal set up and we can pull your bindings off to use). Brands that will be attending are: Ride Nitro Stranda Arbor Lib Tech Gnu K2 Burton Sims Union Moss Snowstick Come out for a FUN day of […]

Nitro x Easy Rider Dinghy

We are stoked to present our latest snowboard co-lab – the Nitro x Easy Rider Dinghy. Paying homage to the 4 time World Surfing Champion – Mark Richards – we have created the perfect snowsurf board for all mountain cruising. The Nitro Dinghy is for riders with a bigger foot or powder and groomer turners looking for an oversized surfaced snowboard to navigate low-angle tree runs, deep pow days, and wide-open runs. Designed to be the go-to versatile shortboard in any given situation. We also have a matching co-lab mitt with our friends at Salmon Arms. Pick up your set today! […]


Stickers have always been a huge part of the snowboard / skateboard culture, and that goes for our shop as well.   My first car was a 1966 Plymouth Belvedere II that in the end had over 850 stickers on it. In keeping with the “Stoke of Stickers” – we always try to have new, fun and exciting stickers for the shop. From staff ideas, to local artists, to industry famous artists like Steve Nazar and Jimbo Phillips, we are constantly coming up with new designs and graphics. Perfect for your snowboard, skateboard, school binder, tool box, fridge, hard hat […]