SurfSkates We at Easy Rider are always searching for “that” feeling. The feeling of riding fresh powder on the mountain, or gliding down a wave. SurfSkates are the answer to this feeling on pavement. SurfSkates are designed to bring the movements and feelings of surfing and snowboarding to skateboarding. The trucks on SurfSkates are designed to mimic the motions of surfing, with a much tighter turning radius than a traditional skateboard. The resulting feel and riding style has similarities to surfing. You don’t need to know how to surf or to really ride a skateboard to try SurfSkating. The added […]

Easy Rider x Nitro Dinghy

INTRODUCING THE EASY RIDER x NITRO DINGHY We are stoked to present our next seasons co-lab board . . . Now! While they were not supposed to arrive until fall of 2023, the awesome folks at Nitro got them done early and shipped them out to us early so we can enjoy them this season. The Dinghy is for riders looking for an oversized surfaced snowboard to navigate tree runs, deep pow days, and wide-open groomers. Designed to be the go-to versatile shortboard in any given situation. With a bright, surf inspired design the Easy Rider Dinghy will stand out […]

Lib Tech x Easy Rider – WC Wayfinder

**Sorry, SOLD OUT”. After three long years, our Dream Board is finally a reality. Originally intended to celebrate the stores 25th anniversary, the “world” delayed it until now. We are stoked to present the Lib Tech x Easy Rider WC Wayfinder. Based on Matt Cummins’ designed Lib Tech MC Wayfinder (Warren’s all time favorite board) we added the amazing art work of Jimbo Phillips AND spiced it up to include Lib Tech’s famous HorsePower construction. Production is limited to only 20 boards globally, so if you want one, act fast. A HUGE Thank You to everyone at Lib Tech that […]