Nitro x Easy Rider Dinghy

We are stoked to present our latest snowboard co-lab – the Nitro x Easy Rider Dinghy.

Paying homage to the 4 time World Surfing Champion – Mark Richards – we have created the perfect snowsurf board for all mountain cruising.

The Nitro Dinghy is for riders with a bigger foot or powder and groomer turners looking for an oversized surfaced snowboard to navigate low-angle tree runs, deep pow days, and wide-open runs.
Designed to be the go-to versatile shortboard in any given situation.

We also have a matching co-lab mitt with our friends at Salmon Arms.

Pick up your set today!

Available here:  Easy Rider Dinghy


Board Specs

Size 155 wide
Waist Width 267
Running Length 1130
Sidecut 7.6 / 6.,3
Nose/Tail Width 314 / 308
Stance Range (cm) 48-60
Stance Range (in) 18.9-23.6
Rider Weight (kg) 70+
Rider Weight (lbs) 155+
Setback -15