We at Easy Rider are always searching for “that” feeling.
The feeling of riding fresh powder on the mountain, or gliding down a wave.
SurfSkates are the answer to this feeling on pavement.

SurfSkates are designed to bring the movements and feelings of surfing and snowboarding to skateboarding.

The trucks on SurfSkates are designed to mimic the motions of surfing, with a much tighter turning radius than a traditional skateboard.
The resulting feel and riding style has similarities to surfing.
You don’t need to know how to surf or to really ride a skateboard to try SurfSkating.

The added bonus of SurfSkates is that you really only need a small bit of smooth pavement to do it, and the real reward of SurfSkating is the endless pump.
You just use your body to keep them rolling along and carve and turn along the way, without ever putting a foot down to push, keeping it extremely low impact.

Any paved surface becomes your wave!

Stop by the shop and check out our great selection of SurfSkates from Carver / Yow / Long Island / Landyachtz / Santa Cruz / Arbor and more.
You can also check them out on line.
SurfSkate selection

We hold SurfSkate events, with free demos, through out the summer – so make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest event dates and times.
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