Shop Stickers

We here at Easy Rider love stickers. They are truly a part of the Snow, Skate, SUP culture. We are always coming up with new art work for our shop stickers, so that you can show your support for our shop. They go on anything, and are not only UV proof (won’t fade in sun), they are also waterproof so they stay on any smooth surface no matter the conditions! We get our stickers from Sticker Mule and their small minimums allow us to always have new, fresh designs. Check them out at Sticker Mule And make sure to stop […]

One Wheel

We always strive to bring you the latest way to have FUN! Bridging the gap between skateboarding and snowboarding – and also serving as a great “mode of transportation” – the One Wheel can be ridden on almost any terrain. The two current models available are the +XR (stands for Extended Range) and the all new Pint. Stop by and check them out!